About Me

Hi there, I am Eunice and I am the owner of MyRubberStamp and February Design.

Crocheting is my new hobby and YES I am addicted. Well, too much till I crochet non stop, till late midnight and my fingers sore and hurt so much =( But I still love it anyway.

I am not very good in reading the patterns so I thought maybe if my imagination run a little wild (it usually does) then I can come up with something unique here and there. I am thankful that I am a graphic designer and graphics is what I do, so it really helps a lot in creating something new =)
And I love the outcome, I treasure the feeling of completing something cute for the little one or even adult. Now my baby girl, hubby, sister and friends are all fully booked for my little photography sessions, I hope you enjoy them for being my models =)

Oh I must not forget to mention my baby girl fell in love with my new hobby and I do the same too =) whenever I pick up the crochet hook and working on something, she will run to me and say ‘this is mine, I want a pink froggie…..ribbit’
How cute~

I wish I have 48 hours a day so after my full-time job (www.MyRubberStamp.etsy.com), finish dinner, bath my little girl and put her to sleep, I will have more time for my new hobby and enjoy my cup of coffee with some dark chocolates =)



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